Is The Menopause Affecting You And Getting You Down?

The Menopause Coach

The menopause can be a shock to the body and to the mind, coping with it needs coaching, guidance and support.

Discover how The Menopause Coach with a dedicated personalised plan may help you.

Guiding You Through the Menopause Nightmare – Naturally

Where has the fun filled you gone? Do you remember her? Full of life, energy and fun.

The Menopause Coach may help you find yourself again.

The arrival of the menopause can cause many unexpected problems, difficulties that you never experienced before.

It can shatter your lifestyle, your emotions and enjoyment of life.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Change and choice go together. You are probably going through massive menopause changes, and you still have choice. the choice to regain control of your life.

Just because change happens, doesn’t mean it is in control, you can choose to take back control of how you want to be.

As a Menopause Coach, using a unique blend of therapies and over 20 years’ experience, we will work together to create a personalised plan that addresses the problems you are facing.

You do not have to do it alone.

Click the Get Started button to find the right path to get you back to enjoying life to the full.

Hot Flashes / Night Sweats

You are sitting enjoying your evening and suddenly – boom, the temperature goes through the roof.

Discover natural ways to relieve this…

Spotty and blotchy Skin

Wouldn’t it be good to get rid of that spotty and blotchy skin problem?

Discover natural ways that may reduce this…

Uncontrolable Weight Gain

An unwanter part of menopause can be weight gain.

How to deal with it is the question…

Sleep Disruption

Image having a good night’s sleep again, waking up ready to go full of vitality.

It doesn’t have to be a pipe-dream…

What Is Menopause Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Menopause Coaching is a personalised program that is tailored to YOU as the individual unique person you are.

With regular personalised consultations and updates, we will work together to strive to make life better and get through the menopause as naturally and smoothly as possible.

We use natural therapies blended to suit you.

What is a Menopause Coach

A Menopause Coach is like your personal trainer, except in this case it is to provide individual advise, assistance and support to help you get through the horrors of menopause.

How does it work?
We will set up a specialized program based on your individual needs and the symptoms of menopause that you experience. While many women may suffer similar symptoms, the combination, frequency and severity of your sysmptoms make your menopause unique to you.
How does the Progam work?
As a multi-therapy practitioner, you get access to over 20 years’ experience.

We will do what we call a ‘Menopause Profile Assessments’ or ‘MPA’ to find exactly what you need.

Then a tailored personal plan is created for you and I to work together.

What is a Menopause Profile Assessment?
This is where non-intrusive testing is carried out using Kinesiology Testing Techiques or ‘KTT”.

We offer:

#1   A Nutritional Deficiency Profile

#2   An Endocrine Profile

#3   Food Suitability Profile

#4  A General Wellness check

Then a personalised report is prepared for you, and we work through your personalised progam together.

Putting it All Together
The Menopause Program is a dynamic personalized program, here to assist you, totally based on the results of your MPA (Menopause Profile Assessment).

As we work together every step of the journey, we will have ‘online sessions’ to chart progress and offer One to One support.

If you have any questions?
That is part of why we offer a FREE no-ogligation 20-minute consultation.

Any questions you have, I’ll be happy to help with during the call.

It is important to feel comfortable when going into the Menopause Coaching program.

Click the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button below to set up a call.

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Find Yourself Again

Don’t let the Misery of Menopause Control your Life & your Life-Style.

Take A ProActive Step

Be the Way

You Want To Be.

Life can be tough enought without the incredible misery of menopause.

Do you feel you no longer have control of your life, your lifestyle choices have been taken away?

The menopause can and does affect more than people realise, and it affect different women in differnt ways.

From ‘raging volcano’ like Hot Flashes one moment to tears the next.

What to do?

Take a ProActive Step and make positive changes…

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